Cabin Branch Part 3

UUI was contracted in 2018 to complete 3 sections of the popular Cabin Branch housing project located in Clarksburg, MD. Working for a long term customer, UUI was contracted to install the water, sewer, storm drain and underground SWM because of our ability to provide the manpower and equipment to accelerate the schedule. The project consists of the following: 6,246 LF 8″ Sewer Main, 51 EA Sewer Manholes & 185 EA Sewer House Connections; 6,677 LF 8″ Water main, 185 Water House Connections; 7,000 LF of various size RCP ranging from 15″ RCP to 42″ RCP, 110 EA Storm Structures, Storm Trap System and multiple underground SWM Structures.

UUI’s crews are onsite and are expected to complete PH 1 prior to the end of 2018.