Glenmont Metro Center

UUI was contracted back in 2015 to complete the site work package of the 1st phase of a 170 lot, multiphase housing development in Glenmont, MD. In 2017 UUI was contracted again to complete PH 2. UUI’s contract consisted of performing all grading, bio & tree well facilities, sewer, water & storm drain. UUI’s crews had to install a lot of water, sewer & storm drain in a tight townhouse development. THe job also consisted of a 400 LF sewer outfall down the middle of Glenallan Rd in the highly congested area near the Glenmont Metro Center. With the use of a traffic control sub, UUI’s crews were able to complete this task safely and efficiently. The project consisted of the following: 3,500 LF Sewer main, 30 EA Sewer Manholes & 170 Sewer House Connections: 3,720 LF of Water Main w/cathodic protection, 170 Water House Connections; 3.424 LF of various size RCP Storm Drain & 87 Storm Structures; 27 Bio Facilities & 16 Tree Well Facilities which were all installed in house.