Tierney Farms @ River Hill

UUI was contracted by a first time client in 2017 to complete the installation of the water, sewer and storm drain for a 150 lot housing development located in Clarksville, MD. UUI was contracted for this project due to its commitment to accelerate the schedule and overcome the challenges that came with the offsite sewer outfall. The outfall consisted of over 2000 LF of 8″ sewer within a 20 foot easement and 3 stream jack n bores. UUI’s experienced crews and boring subcontractor completed the sewer outfall on schedule. The total project consisted of the following: 9,400 LF Sewer Main, 56 EA Sewer Manholes, & 150 Sewer House Connections; 8,400 LF of Water main, 150 Water House Connection; 7,048 of various size RCP & HDPE Storm Drain Pipe and 110 Storm Drain Structures.