With over 20 years experience and expertise, you can rely on Utilities Unlimited, Inc. to meet all your on-site needs, and make your experience hassle-free.


Bowie State

Installation of all water, sewer, trench drains and storm drain for a new Student Union building. This project has a total of 12 bio-retention facilities on site, which help to eliminate storm water contaminants and sediment from entering the local water ways.


Musgrove Farms

Sewer Drain Fields, along with sewer system for a new residential neighborhood located in Western Howard County, Maryland. This sewer system consisted of over 15 Duplex Grinder Pumps, along with thousands of feet of drain fields.


Middle School #20

Installed the water, sewer, storm drain, Storm Water Management, and a 105,000 gallon underground storm water management collection system, that will provide water for the school irrigation system.


Park Overlook

Installation of nearly 4,000 linear feet of underground utilities, including all Sanitary Sewer, Water, Storm Drain and Storm Water Management for a new residential sub-division located in Laurel, MD. Like all of the PVC water mains in Howard County, this project utilized cathodic protection which protects the metallic materials from corrosion. The water main on this project was also restrained joint.


Watson Glen

U.U.I. was contracted to complete all Demolition (including asbestos abatement), Clearing & Grubbing, Earthwork, Erosion & Sediment Control, Sanitary Sewer, Water, Storm Drain, Storm Water Management, Asphalt Trails / Sidewalks, and all Permanent Seeding for a new residential sub-division located Anne Arundel County. The first phase of this project consists of 48 new home sites, and phase 2 will add another 55 units. When completed U.U.I. will have installed around 15,000 linear feet of underground utilities. Phase 2 of this sub-division called for areas of the sanitary sewer to be installed at depths of 25' and deeper.


Point Pleasant Elementary School - 2A-Site Utilities

Installation of all underground utilities for the 2A Site work contract, for the addition and renovations to Point Pleasant Elementary School located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. This project consisted of complete removal of over 2,000 linear feet of existing utilities, followed by the installation of over 7,500 linear feet of new utilities, which included water main, sanitary sewer main, storm drain, and two underground storm water detention systems.


Rock Creek Palisades

U.U.I. was responsible for all underground utilities, grading, and paving for this residential housing development located in Kensington, MD.


Trotter Crossing

This project consisted of a complete road closure for the continuation of sewer and water mains on Trotter Rd. Both mains then extended deep into the back of the development to service the new development. The total linear footage of sewer and water main was over 5,000 feet. U.U.I. also installed a complete storm drain system, one storm water management pond, along with two cast-in-place headwalls totaling over 200 linear feet. This new residential development is located in western Howard County, MD.


Oxford Square

Installation of all Water (with Cathodic Protection), Sewer, Storm Drain, Storm Water Management and Bio-Retention Ponds for Phases 2 and 3 of the Oxford Square sub-division located in Hanover, MD. When completed, U.U.I. will have installed over 17,400 linear feet of underground utilities, 98 Pre-Cast Concrete Structures,  and a combined total of 55 Bio-Retention Facilities. Utilities Unlimited previously completed the site utilities and bio-retention facilities for Howard County Department of Education Middle School #20 which boarders Oxford Square.


Walnut Creek

Installation of storm drain, Storm Water Management, sewer force main, gravity sewer and grinder pumps for an on-site sewer disposal system. UUI also completed the excavation for the sewer treatment plant.

Installation of over 20,000 linear feet of utilities for the second phase of this development. Utilities installed include, low pressure sewer force main, gravity sewer, grinder pumps, storm drain, and Storm Water Management for the Walnut Creek housing development.

Installation of low pressure sewer force main, gravity sewer, grinder pumps, storm drain, and Storm Water Management for the Walnut Creek housing development.


Dorset Garden's at Blue Stream II

U.U.I. was contracted for a complete site work package for the second phase of the Blue Stream development, located in Elkridge, MD. The second phase of this development will consists of over 105 units. U.U.I. is responsible for all clearing/grubbing, erosion & sediment controls, grading, utilities, curb & gutter,  paving, and retaining walls.

Once completed U.U.I. will have installed nearly 10,000 feet of underground utilities, placed roughly 11,000 SY of HMA, poured nearly 5,000 LF of Curb/Gutter, and imported roughly 2,500 CY of materials to balance the site.


Blandair Regional Park - Howard County Capital Project

U.U.I. installed all the utilities for the first phase of this regional park located in Columbia, Maryland. We installed around 1.5 miles of utilities, which include all water, sewer, storm drain and storm water management. This tract of land was purchased by Howard County in 1998 with the help from the State's Program Open Space for the use of a park.


Morgan's Landing

Installation of water main, sewer main and a underground storm water management system for a new residential development located in Laurel, Maryland. The sewer main system required our company to cross a protected wetlands area, which when done incorrectly can lead to multiple problems for our Eco-system and substantial risks for our Chesapeake Bay. Our crew safely and efficiently crossed this area during the wet months and completed this section of the project ahead of schedule.


Howard County Fire Suppression Tanks

U.U.I. has been responsible for multiple installations of Underground Storage Tanks (UST), throughout rural areas of Howard County. These tanks have a 30,000 gallon capacity, and are used by the local fire department in areas where public water/fire hydrants are not available.